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Soul-Stirring Structures

Since humans first began congregating in spiritual spaces, they have practiced their faith within vast interiors of inspiring heights. Today is no exception as architects design innovative prayer and assembly spaces.

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The free-style dome at Planta Cerrillos

When a Chilean copper concentrate producer decided to enclose crushing operations at their Cerrillos plant, the challenge was to design and engineer a dome that would spring from a very irregular shape while enclosing over 5000m2 without columns.

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Green Cement at the Foot of the Mountain

Geometrica's bulk storage structures contain the dust from stacking and blending of raw materials and fuel, helping meet Tunisia's most advanced cement plant's environmental goals. "The new buildings are, esthetically, very nice, and we definitely will consider Geometrica for future structures," the client said.

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El Brocal: Strength and beauty high in the Andes

In Peru and elsewhere, mining is often controversial.

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Hyparwave™ 123

Geometrica structures define and beautify space – flying above, wrapping around, and taking a multitude of shapes. Geometrica Freedomes® and space frames invite and delight visitors with their superior aesthetics.

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The "7th Wonder" of Ghana

by Denise Allen Zwicker

"He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn’t be done, and he did it!"*

For two years, the new building for the Word Miracle Church International in Accra, Ghana, sat roofless. “We had built a 14,000-seat auditorium that was 59 meters across, without pillars, and we needed to cover it. But no one in Ghana could do it. No one in Nigeria could do it. No one in South Africa could do it. It was a dilemma,”

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Keeping Coal Clean

This article details the background and construction of a coal storage circular dome for Indonesia’s largest fertilizer producer, PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (Pupuk-Kaltim).

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Freedomes allow creativity, versatility and efficiency

Freedome® is Geometrica's trademark for free-style domes. These domes provide all the advantages of circular domes, but with a non-circular plan.

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